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The Milton-Parc Food Hub is a community food bank offering hot meals and emergency food baskets. At the beginning of the pandemic,  it joined forces with St John’s Lutheran Church food bank which has been offering consistent and dependable services dealing with food insecurity and social exclusion for 30 years.  Coordinated and administered by volunteers, our food bank is able to distribute over 100 meals one day per week out of the St. John’s Lutheran Church.

Our objectives are:

  1. To give access to healthy food in a warm and dignified way.

  2. To reduce alienation and loneliness by creating a vibrant community built around principles of cooperation, volunteerism and empathy.

  3. To foster multi-culturalism through awareness of different food traditions.

  4. To teach cooking skills, nutrition and food budgeting.

  5. To promote environmental sustainability by reducing food waste and working with community gardens.

  6. To bring people together through fundraisers and other social activities.



 To make it easier for people in need to have access to healthy food in a joyful and dignified way, destigmatizing  food insecurity and poverty. 

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